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The Most Durable Concrete Reinforcement Bar 


Composite rebar, glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) reinforcement bar is the solution to corrosion of reinforced concrete structure. Fiberglass Rebar is an excellent replacement for conventional types of steel rebar & here is why? 

Limitation with Steel rebar: 

  • Heavy (Increase logistic cost as well as adding more weight to the structure which affects the natural frequency of concrete structure)  

  • Corrosive (Even Stainless-Steel rust while it is 2 to 4 times more expensive than GFRP)

  • Very high stiffness (Structure becomes very stiff & rigid) 

  • Very limited fatigue resistance (Cyclic loading) 

  • High thermal & electrical conductivity 

  • Very high maintenance fee for Black-steel, Galvanized & Epoxy-coated rebar

  • more?!!!

MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® GFRP rebar, composite rebar, fiberglass rebar is very suitable to use in the applications where steel rebar is limited to its properties. Where corrosion is a problem such as in a humid, coastal & cold countries ,MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® can be used to take away the corrosion problem and all the costs associated with corrosion and maintenance. 

The initial cost of using MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® at early stage of the project may not increase the cost of the project if a proper design and factors are to be considered. Using GFRP rebar may reduce the cost of the project up to 5% & the structure does not rquire any major maintenance for next 100 years. 

Composite rebar, glass fiber reinforced polymer(GFRP) reinforcement bar is the solution to corrosion of reinforced concrete structure. MST-BAR® is an excellent replacment for conventinal types of steel rebar.

MST-BAR® properties include:
Zero corrosion
Tensile strength of 1000MPa (2 x tensile strenght of steel)
+68GPa of Tensile Modules
25% of steel weight
+20MPa bond strength
Electrical insulator
Thermal insulator
x20 times of fatigue resistance
+90% retain in tensile strength and 100% retain in elastic modules in high pH environment.









An indisputable leader in FRP  re-bar technology. We believe in one famous statement, "DO IT RIGHT, DO IT ONCE". 

We worked for more than half a decade to develop an optimum product to have superior properties & overcome the limitation of available GFRP rebar in the market, with the collaboration of University of Sherbrooke & University of Concordia in Canada, MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® are tested and proven to be the best GFRP rebar in the market.  The designed MST-BAR®  deliver extremely high bond strength with concrete (x3 of the one with the steel) while providing the highest stiffness  in a material.

By having knowledge of composite industry and concrete reinforced structure, we deliver the right product to the customer.